DroidIn Android app to access your LinkedIn account

Recently, Linked In team released their app to enable you to access your LinkedIn accounts on the go. But the app lacks many useful features and is not 100% perfect. Users are complaining of its slowness and some are even complaining of its crashing on their android devices. Incase, you are also going with the same situation, you can try yet another free app DroidIn.

Droid In does a good job in providing a front end for linked in. The developer has used LinkedIn Open API to make this app.

The app does almost all the functions as done by LinkedIn app, except it doesn’t provide Reconnect feature. So, it is unable to suggest you any contact to add.

Like the Linked In app, it also does not provide the functionality to sync contacts or to access groups. The developer says that these features are not available on the Open API for Linked-In. So, he is unable to provide all these features.
DroidIn Android App for LinkedIn

But it is better than the official app released by Linked In team because it is light-weight than it having size 553 K and does almost all its jobs. Plus, you can move this app to your SD card.

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Features of Droid In Android App

  • Log in with LinkedIn button
  • Inbox messages and invitations
  • Decline / Accept invitations
  • Use “Send by” from other apps to post update to LinkedIn
  • Like or post comments on update
  • Reply to messages
  • Post status updates
  • Network updates
  • Contacts (Flat view and Alphabetized)
  • Profile
  • Communications (send invites and contact mail)
  • Save Drafts and recover them
  • Mute Annoying updates
  • Search Contacts
  • Search Keywords

DroidIn is a free app that you can download from Android Market. It requires Android 1.5 and up.

Download DroidIn Android App

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