Talk and Touch Cat Tom on Smartphones with Android Game

Do you keep cat as your pet animal in your home? I know that many people in countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand etc. love keeping cats and dogs as their pet animals. The people living in these countries love their pets much and they often take them out for a walk, whether the walk is in morning or in evening. Some people take their pets on both walks – evening and morning.

Some people become friends with their cats so much that they think to be with them at all places. It is true that you cannot keep your pets everywhere with yourself. There are many places like your school, office, bathrooms where you will avoid your dog or cat to be with you. If you want to take them there then also it is very difficult for you to take them at those places and if you enjoy with your pet a lot then you will definitely miss it at that place. So, what is the solution?

Talking Tom Android Game

The solution here is that you can take any picture of your cat or can take its video. But in this case also, whether it is a video or photo, you cannot play with it in real sense. So, we can have another solution also that will give you just little fun than what you get in real playing with the animal.

If you own an Android mobile then you can install the app ‘Talking Tom Cat’ on it and can enjoy talking and touching with your cat Tom.

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The cat Tom is designed and coded in such a way that it listens what you say and then responds according to that. Tom repeats your every wording and in a funnier voice. You can listen to the funny voice and can enjoy your deliverable dialogues. You can shout at him or can speak softly and love him.

Tom can even be poked and you can also grab the tail.

The app ‘Talking Tom Cat’ is specially made for the children that can enjoy playing this Android game. The children of any age can play it and enjoy the game.

Please take care that when you will run this android game for the first time, you will need to download the graphics quality for your smartphone. It would be something 5-20 Mb.

You can also do recording and then can share those movies with your friends on Facebook and can even show to whole world through your Youtube channel. You can send these movies as MMS or emails to your friends and if you want, you can just save them on the SD card of your smartphones.

Playing Talking Tom Cat Android Game

1. Start talking to Tom.

2. Tom will speak what you have spoken in front of him.

3. The voice of Tom will be funny.

4. You can love Tom.

5. You can grab the tail of Tom.

6. You can offer him milk to drink.

7. Tom’s body can be hit hard.

From Menu –> Settings,

• The violent actions can be turned off.

• The Youtube and Facebook credentials can be wiped off.

• You can make Tom listen to you for longer period of time, before he starts to say something.

Download Talking Tom Cat Android Game from the Market.

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