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I remember my old days when I used to copy some news or link from notepad opened on my computer to my Facebook account. If I had to upload my videos or photos then I had to follow the old style of browsing those files and then clicking Upload button and then I had to wait for some time till the uploading finishes. But now I don’t do this cumbersome work and do my normal Facebook activities also. But how? To add more on this, you are reading a letter in your favorite Microsoft Word and you find incomplete information on the word. Then you copy that question, open your browser, paste in it and then hit Google search button. For searching in Google, you followed 3 extra steps. But what if all these 4 steps convert into just 1 or 2 steps? I think that would be much better. But question comes how? One other situation – suppose you are reading an e-book and one address stops you further reading. Now, you will open your browser and will search that location through Google Maps. But wouldn’t it be best if you are able to search that without opening the browser explicitly? Yes, it would be better.

More to see,
Read here for making PDF files speaking.

There could be numerous other situations also like sharing to Twitter, Flickr, purchasing anything from Amazon or eBay. The answer to all these is ‘ClickTo‘. This software ‘clickto‘ enables you to share your birthday or anniversary pictures on your Flickr or Facebook account directly from your computer. There are various other services also available such as Xing, Twitter, Gmail, Wikipedia, Google Maps, Google Translate, Box, Youtube etc. In order words, we can say that clickto converts every file and folder on your pc to a hyperlink.

Desktop Facebook sharing

After installing clickto software, you will see that by default, it appears at the top of every application on your computer. You can however, change the satellites location by going in Options –> Appearance. The ‘Options’ screen can be reached by right-clicking on the icon in the right hand side bottom tray of your computer.

ClickTo sharing

By default, the check-boxes for showing the satellites during copying and during taking the mouse on the border of your application’s screen will be checked but however, you can uncheck them if you feel uncomfortable in this. But I would suggest you to leave them checked as they add easiness to your sharing function. You can select from the size of satellites from ‘Tiny’ to ‘Huge’. By the way, I am stick with the default ‘Large’. You can select the default location of icons from top, bottom, right or left. You can also choose to show the satellites above or over mouse-cursors. There is a check-box that allows you to get notifications after finishing of actions. I have not checked it for now. The duration is optimum at 2 seconds.

One click Computer sharing

By going into Options –> Actions, you can check the icons that you want to add in Satellites section. The rest would be added in Menus and they would appear when you mouse-over on the ‘…’ icon.

Clickto Internet sharing

I can see that when the ‘Options’ screen is open then the satellites and icons do not appear on any application inspite of calling clickto explicitly by Ctrl+D and instead, the clickto gives a warning to close the options dialog. I cannot say it a good feature but I can say that it is not bad also :). Normally, the options dialog should be closed before you go and do any task and that’s what, clickto is asking you to do. So, this feature is fine.

Clickto also allows you to covert word documents to Adobe PDF files at one click. Just write something on word and click ‘pdf’ text in Clickto toolbar. You will see that the word file is converted to pdf one. You can however see a via clickto in the bottom bar.

Sharing pdf Clickto files

Share and convert pdfs

ClickTo features

• Uploading photos to Facebook.

• Uploading photos to Flickr.

• Sharing data to facebook, twitter, Blogger etc.

• Google Spell Checker Integration.

• You can send emails through gmail and outlook.

• You can search and shop products at Amazon and eBay.

• You can search anything on your favorite search-engine Google.

• Make pdfs in one go from any word document.

• Search any place or location through Google Maps.

• Get information of anything on Wikipedia.

• On outlook, the attachments can also be added.

• If you find any table anywhere on web and you want its data then you can have its data in your excel file by clicking on ‘Excel’ icon in clickto.

• You can convert any tough word or sentence in your favorite language using clickto Google Translate.

• The clickto tool proves handy in copying. Suppose you want to prepare a final document in which you need to copy the data from various other documents then doing Alt-Tab continuously can give you errors but clickto saves such errors by allowing you copying and sending the selected text to anywhere you like.

Clickto works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win7 and Mac OS.
Download ClickTo
Clickto can be downloaded from their website at Download clickto

Clickto Video

Clickto Press Releases partnership with Skype
The company has done a partnership with Skype. As per the official deal, the application is now a part of chatting client Skype. With this collaboration, the users of would be able to call any phone from their computers through Skype. They just need to have click once and all they are ready to call their any far-sitting friend.

* Fixing Skype Audio issues on Atrix

I think that the collaboration will add plus-points for both the companies. The one-clicking software will allow the Skype users to call anyone with just a single click, instead of entering or copying and pasting the mobile numbers.

The Group Program Manager of Skype Development Program, Chris Andrews, said that his company has a goal to connect more than one billion users and their program is the key for this goal. With this partnership, they are sure to achieve their goal.

The founder and chief executive officer Martin Welker of Axonic said that in the communication field, Skype is a game-changer. He said that now the moving numbers on the screen will be able to call any mobile and it would be an amazing experience.



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