Vibration Notifier app for Android Mobiles

I can think that you might have come across such situations many times when you forget your cell phone somewhere and it keeps on ringing. You are far away from it and do not listen the call. You come back and are unable to even notice the miss calls. The reason is that your mobile phone does not have any notification LED. You are also not using NoLED. The missed calls can be from your close friends or can be from your office and you fear that if you miss any such office call then your boss might get angry. There can be any important message for you or you might have to go in a meeting and your friends called you that time but since you didn’t pick the mobile, they were not able to contact you and you end in losing the meeting or any party.

Vibration Notifier Android app

I can understand the above situations can be full of regret but what if your mobile keeps you remembering the missed calls and you end in not losing any important call from your any of the friends or family members or office mates.

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So, here I am sharing you an Android app for the same purpose. The app by the name ‘Vibration Notifier’ helps you in remembering the missed calls. Its working is simple. The app vibrates your mobile phone for every defined time and for defined times. The other way that stops the vibration is turning on your handset’s display.

Vibration Notifier Android app also does its vibrating task if you left any sms also unread. You should add this app in the accessibility settings.

Some of you might fear of your personal information being read by ‘Vibration Notifier’. But there’s no need of worrying as it does not have the permissions of internet access and so your personal data is safe. Also, this Android app does not collect your any personal data.

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