Switch WiFi, BlueTooth on Android Mobiles with Notification Toggle

J4velin, a developer, has created an Android app by the name ‘Notification Toggle’ that can help you in switching Bluetooth, WiFi easily and quickly on your mobile phones.

Actually, this Android app helps in creating the notifications on the status bar of your smartphones and then you can switch BlueTooth and Wifi. Along with these, you can off or on among Screen rotation, Silent mode and Flight mode. The application also helps you in adjusting the screen brightness of your mobile. Shortcut of your own apps can also be added into the notification bar of your phone.

Notification Toggle Android app

You can activate the notifications that you want to activate by going into the Settings. You can see ” All in one” notification on some of the devices and can enable that too. You can toggle all the features by this ‘All in one’ feature. This feature does not work on all the mobile devices. If your phone is not able to support Multiple Notification clicks then a popup would be popped which allows you selecting the toggle feature.

Notification-Toggle also allows you to change the default icons. For this, start by pressing menu key, selecting Skin and then you can use your own icons instead of the default ones. Some of the icons are changed by the yankoa’s Metro Station Icon-Pack.

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Please note the below points:
1. All the toggles are unable to work on every device.

2. User apps are not able to change some of the settings and so you would be brought to the Android settings by default.

3. Suppose you see the settings activity when you click the brightness toggle or ‘all-in-one’ then use the back key for exiting it instead of using the home key.

Download Notification-Toggle
App can be downloaded from Market

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