Temporary Disable Lockscreen on Android phones – DelayedLock

Are you tedious of entering your PIN every time you open your phone. You can’t even stop entering the PIN as doing this can be a threat to the security of your mobile. So, what to do at this level? Simple, install DelayedLock Android App.

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When you unlock your phone, it will turn the lock screen off for some predefined amount of time. You can on or off your mobile as many times as you want and that too without entering any PIN or password. And after a certain amount of time, your lockscreen will automatically be reactivated, so that no stranger can access your mobile and the personal information in it. You can also enable the lockscreen immediately by the help of a notification in the status bar.
Delayed Lock Android app

DelayedLock Features

  • Delay since ‘Last unlock’ or ‘Screen off’.
  • Delay and Customize simple slider lock.
  • Widgets: Screen off & Lock, Toggle Lock, Start Simple Lock, Screen off.
  • Need not to enter PIN after phone being locked.

Download Delayed Lock

The app can be downloaded from market from here

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