Memory Management Fix for Android Mobiles – Super Charger Script

zeppelinrox from xda has developed a SuperCharger script that makes your mobile phone fast. It does multitasking better. It fixes and re-arranges the OOM groupings and priorities and low memory killer values. So, it acts as a Memory Management Fix for Android Mobiles.

This script works with the low-memory-killer and so multi-tasking is also good. It works same in all Roms because of the rearrangement.

If you have used the Minfree Tweakers like AKMO (AutoKiller Memory Optimizer) or AMM (Auto Memory Manager) then you might know that they don’t work same on all the Roms. And your some of the apps are lost either in slot-3 or slot-5. So, Akmo or Amm are not able to perform the complete required tasks. As per developer, this is a solution to them.

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Fixing Android Memory – Instructions

The below instructions have been compiled by malarkey007 on his LG GT540 Optimus Mobile.

1. Your Mobile phone should be rooted.

2. Using CM7.x.x

3. Root Explorer should be installed (comes with CM)

4. Download BusyBox Installer from market.

5. Install BusyBox Installer on your mobile.

6. Run BusyBox Installer.

7. Make sure that you select the version 1.18.2

8. Download Script Manager from Android Market.

9. Install the Script Manager on your phone.

10. Run the app.

11. Press Menu button

12. Go to More.

13. Go to ‘Advanced Options’.

14. Enter ‘Config’

15. Make sure that all the options should be as per below screen:
Android Script Manager

16. Download the SuperCharger Script V6 update 7. Comment below if you want in email.

17. Put the above script on the root of Micro Sd card.

18. Run the Script Manager.

19. Open the file downloaded in Step 16 and check ‘Run as root’ only.

20. Run the script.

21. Select Scrolling text speed from 1 to 3.

22. Touch the screen. Tap number 6, Balanced 3 and hit Enter.

23. The script will work and when it is finished, touch the screen again and tap number 16 to exit.

24. Press Home button.

25. Reboot your mobile. All Done 🙂

26. To check whether the script is working or not, Repeat steps 18,19 and 20.

27. You should see the image as shown below. It means all is well 🙂
Android Memory Management Fix

Credits 1 and 2

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