Contact your dears with Skype on Android

With the advancement of the technological world, the distances have grown shorter and people now enjoy talks and conferences with their loved ones who reside hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. The latest technology gadgets and the perfectly crafted softwares for this purpose have been serving the human race for several years now. The people don’t need to spend loads of cash to contact their loved ones located abroad, all they need now is a gadget and an internet connection.

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An app in this regard that has completely changed the history of communication and is setting new limits, ever since its launch is the Skype app which provides free audio and video conversation with no delays and with qualities beyond your expectations. The video service is one of its kind and Skype in fact is the pioneer in this regard. It has established its name very well now and now it tops the charts of the ‘top free apps’ categories everywhere. Similar is the case with the Google Play Store where the Skype app has had a lot many downloads and the number of people loving this very software due its fabulous services and state of the art technology are way too many.

It currently has the latest version as the which was launched on 1st May 2013. The app holds an average rating of 4.0 on the Google Play Store and has over a million downloads there. In order to run the app on your android device, you must have android version 2.1 or above. Another thing that makes it a complete success in addition to being free of cost is that it’s very small in size i.e. just 15 MB which in fact is too small a size for an app providing that much services.

In order to use Skype you previously needed to have a Skype ID, however over the years many improvements have been made and the latest version allows its users to login using their Microsoft Live Ids and also people having Facebook accounts can just plug in their ID and password and get started. The app automatically synchronizes the facebook friend list with Skype and all people present in your Facebook friend list also start appearing here. This provides much ease as now you don’t need to go through the hassle of finding your friends on Skype, which was quite a cumbersome practice in the past too.

The voice quality provided by the app is simply matchless. You won’t realize that the person you are talking to is present at that much distance from you. The app however runs only on 3G and wifi and GPRS and EDGE cannot meet up with the demands. So in order to use it, you have to be at a place that has wifi, if you are not having a 3G connection.


Overall, the app has been a complete success ever since its launch and till now millions of calls and people have been connected by Skype, across the world.

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