Porting ICS Transition Animation on all Android Phones and ROMs

We are showing you the procedure to port the ICS transition animations on all the ROMs and also on all the mobile phones. The procedure is simple and it is written to cater the requirements of all the smartphones so that on every mobile, ICS transition animation can be ported.

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1. The first requirement is that you must have APK Manager installed. So, download APK Manager.

2. Install the APK Manager.

3. Using any unzip tool such as Winrar or Winzip, extract the file framework-res.apk, which can be seen in the \\System\\framework\\ folder.

4. On your system, go to the directory apk_manager.

5. You will see a folder by the name ‘place-apk-here-for-modding’ as shown in below image:

Android ICS Transition Animation

6. Put the file ‘framework-res.apk’ in this folder.

7. Go back to apk-manager folder.

8. You will see a file Script.bat there.

9. Single-click Script.bat file and hit Enter key.

10. You will see that a command prompt window appears.

11. Search there ‘Please make your decision’.

12. Write 22 and hit Enter button.

13. Then write 1 and hit Enter.

14. Write 9 now and hit Enter.

15. You will see that the script is decompiling framework-res.apk.

16. Go to your apk manager directory.

17. Go to Projects/framework-res.apk/res/anim/. You will see that there are your ROM animations in the form of some .xml files.

18. Download ICS Transition

19. Consider copying the files from anims directory of downloaded into anim folder.

20. It will ask if you want to replace the files.

21. Confirm the replacement by selecting β€˜Yes’.

22. After the above copy is done, copy the files form directory ‘other_files’ to ‘anim’ folder.

23. Go to apk-manager folder. Go to Projects/framework-res.apk/res/anim/.

24. Open xml file integers with any Editor.

25. Search for text ‘shortAnimTime’.

26. Add below lines under the ‘shortAnimTime’ line.

<integer name=”config_activityShortDur”>150</integer>
<integer name=”config_activityDefaultDur”>220</integer>

27. Save the xml file integers.

28. Return to the Script.

29. Enter 11 and hit Enter

30. You will see that the script is re-building the framework-res apk.

31. You will be asked to confirm it as a system app.

32. Confirm it by entering y.

33. Hit Enter button.

34. It will ask you one other question.

35. Enter y.

36. Some processing will take place.

37. Please make sure that now you are not pressing any button now and also make sure that you not close that window. This is must.

38. In the apk-manager directory, a new folder will be created by the process. The name of that folder would be ‘keep’.

39. Open the ‘keep’ folder and delete ‘resources.arsc’ file.

40. Go inside ‘keep’ to /res/anim and consider deleting all the files with same name as all files with ‘anims’ folder

41. Return to Script and hit Enter button.

42. Some processing will take place.

43. Go to directory ‘place-apk-here-for-modding’.

44. You will see an apk by the name ‘unsignedframework-res.apk’.

45. Copy this apk outside and rename it as ‘framework-res.apk’

46. You can now push it to your system or can create a flashable zip file but make sure that you sign it first πŸ™‚

47. You all are done. Congrats a lot πŸ™‚

ICS Transition Animation Porting Video


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