How to edit Android apks

If you are an Android developer and work on apks then this post is must for you. You often need to edit apks and you might be doing the same old method for this which involves using ‘Brut.all’ or JF’s smali/baksmali tool for extracting the apk file, editing it, signing it and then installing it with adb. This is a complete and good process but is quite lengthy and boring. So, I am letting you know here the easiest way. This way proves useful during editing xml or smali files or images.

This is a script by ‘Daneshm90’ that keeps an option to compile; sign and install in one go.

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• Adb
• Java

Steps on Linux
1. Download APK Manager

2. Put the apk file in any folder. For first time usage, there will not be any directory. When you will run it, the directories will be created.

3. Open the terminal.

4. Change the directory to apkmanager. The simplest way is by typing cd

5. Chmod 755

6. Chmod 755 all files apps inside the other folder.

7. Type ./ and run the script.

8. Consider minimizing the script.

9. Inside the out folder, consider editing the files.

10. Consider maximizing the script.

Steps on Windows
1. Download APK Manager.

2. Put the apk in any of the folder. When using it for first time, there will not be any directory. When you will run it, the directories will be created.

3. Run the script

4. Consider minimizing script

5. Inside the project directory, edit the files.

6. Maximize the script.

Steps in Problems
If you face any issues, then please read the below points:
• Your path should not have any spaces.

• The name of the file should not have any characters.

• Your path should have Adb and Java.

• You can also drag the required framework with the help of Option 11.

• If still you face any issue, then check the logs and act accordingly.

Features of APK Manager

• Helps in zipping and extracting apks

• Optimization of pngs. It ignores .9.pngs

• Signing

• Zipalign

• Pushing on any place on the mobile

• Incorporates brut.all’s apktool

• Batch Optimization

• Detecting issues

• Reading Log

• Questions and Answers – Improvement in Syntaxes.

• Batch Ogg Optimize

• Compress level selector

• Facility of changing heap size of Java

• Logging Off and On is removed. And in its place, a text file by the name ‘log’ is created. This text file helps in logging the script activities which are placed using the date and time headers.

• Batch Apk Installation from script

• Default setting of this script can be done.

• Support for Batch Installation.

• Decompilation – Framework Dependent.

• Pulling of apk from mobile into the Modding Environment.

• Modifications of many projects at one go.

• You can use this script for installation of any apk. Just select it and hit Enter key.

Android APK Manager – Video


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