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The world is now literally a social unit in which no one is isolated from his loved ones due to the many advancements and remarkable technologies that have appeared in the recent years. All these combined, have turned the whole world into a global village sort of a thing. A technology that has brought further ease for the people and has brought them closer to each other than ever before is the SMS  or short messaging service as you call it.

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All mobile phone units from various brands that appear in the market have preset SMS apps in them but as in the case of all other categories and domains that it has revolutionized, the Android operating system allows users to install any specific SMS software they like in particular and then set it as default  for the purpose. One of these apps that is hitting sky rocketing success these days is the GO SMS Pro  that has been topping the charts for quite some time now.

It falls under the category of the Android free apps section and the number of features it presents are simply way too many. The greenish orange emblem of the app has GO written in its centre and is a blessing for many other users just like me.

To inform you about the ease this app has brought to the lives of many, I would like to share my very own experience. I have an Android device that used to work perfectly fine but due to some unknown malfunction there started appearing a problem. Whenever I used to type a text message longer than the 160 character length, it automatically got converted to MMS. I tried everything I could in this regard, checked all the phone’s settings and when I failed on my own to clear the mess, took it to the brand’s outlet which informed me that they had no idea why the problem was being faced and in order to get rid of it they would have to send it back to the manufacturer abroad. That was a costly and time consuming process so I didn’t go for it and actually decided to try the GO SMS Pro app on a friend’s suggestion. I really appreciate my decision because it has brought relief to my life by removing the problem.

The app features emoticons that are cute and look trendier than what you would have observed anywhere else. Also available is the option of sending stickers to other Android users via text. It supports the handwriting mode, voice messages, lets you share pictures, greeting cards, share your location and even videos. Many of these features need wifi or 3G to operate. A doodle mode is also available in the app.


For users who intend to keep the SMS from some of their contacts private, a private box is available too that works perfectly well. The auto reply and night mode features are also available. A number of themes are there and many new keep coming from time to time, to make the app even more irresistible.

Cloud storage feature is present for those who want to store their text messages and other important stuff, safe

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