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The internet is a very vast source of information and entertainment for all. It has something for everyone and the infotainment provided by it is matchless. No other source can ever compete the diverse ocean of the web which has videos, photos, songs, study related items and adult related content too.

There are however certain restrictions that have been imposed on the use of internet in various regions of the world and people in some countries are not allowed to access the sites which are allowed and are a hundred percent legal in other regions of the globe. The best example of which is Google’s very own YouTube site that provides its users with hundreds of millions of free videos at the best streaming rates and in the best qualities.

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However there is a solution for everything and the VPN softwares provides the desired solution in this case. On top of the VPN apps in the Android category is the Hotspot Shield VPN which overall has a ranking of number 3 in the Android free apps category. With over 120 million downloads worldwide this very app has been making lives easier for all Android users who want to access sites that are otherwise blocked by the local authorities.

The VPN actually provides the user with a virtual server, present somewhere else on the globe and the users now do not face any restriction. The app when installed on your phone appears in the top bar and can be switched on and off whenever desired by the device user. When turned off, the app’s sign turns red which otherwise is green when it is in the working state.

The Hotspot Shied VPN can work on all devices with Android 2.0 and above, which in fact means that almost more than 90 percent of the Android users nowadays can make use of this app. The app has a rating of 4.1, based on 54,314 reviews, which manifests the overall satisfaction of the users. The current version is 1.0 and the latest update was on 17th May 2013.

In order to check which apps are being protected by the Hotspot Shield VPN  the ‘List’ icon on the top right side has to be clicked and then the ‘Net Stats’  button has to be selected. After which a list of all the apps to which the services of protection and safety are being provided by the Hotspot Shield appears.


The better thing in the latest version of this app is the user friendly and easy to utilise design of the app. Using which the navigation has become a piece of cake and the data saving status is better than ever before. The Hotspot Shield VPN provides easy to share methods, for the app using the email or even SMS. It also provides the recommendation of the most used contacts and still the best part of all this is that the app doesn’t save any of your personal data at all.

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