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    Juwe11, a recognized developer at xda has developed the script to improve the performance of your Android mobile’s RAM. The overall aim is to optimize the RAM to the best possible way so that the speed of processor could be increased. The extra utilized memory is freed by this script. Freeing memory does not mean that it will free the almost all the memory space but only that can be freed easily and can be stated as best for your phone.


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    Fixing Android Memory
    Remove Keyguard Password Lock

    As per the developer, the script after installation lets you to use multitasking without any problem. It will not kill the apps by own to increase the speed. It will not create any hindrance to your smartphone. You can use it as you are using it before, but now you will feel more ease.

    Your handset will become more fast and you can switch between the applications more easily. Also, when you will launch the apps, they will also be fast. In overall, you will see much more improvements in the performance of your device.

    You require Root and Kernel that supports init.d for the script to work.

    • Low Memory Killer
    It acts as Low-memory-killer and the values in the code are for the best combination of using multitasking.

    • Oom_Adj

    • Virtual Machine

    The code sets the virtual memory values to something with which you can achieve the improvement in the speed of the system, consumption of battery and the speed at which the applications launch.

    How to Install
    1. Download the file Juwe Update. Mail us with Post Title, Url and File Name and we will email you, if you are unable to download the file.

    2. Unzip the file.

    3. You will see a file by the name ‘S97ramscript’ in it. Place it in the /system/etc/init.d [Please note that the folder by the name init.d then you need to create a new one with this name].
    Android RAM Optimization

    4. Change the permissions of S97ramscript to 777.

    5. If you already have init.d folder on your Android mobile and there’s already another file in it then please delete that file.

    6. Reboot your smartphone.

    Android RAM Optimization Videos

    Please see the below 2 videos in action

    As always, you need to proceed at your own risk.



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  1. peterw says:

    I see android is going the PC way of marketing. All they talk about is processor speed and ram!

  2. killers007 says:

    i have 4 files in that folder

  3. Sharan says:

    Plz send download link to my email id!!!

  4. dily says:

    Please send me the file on my mail please.i cant find the download link on the site. i even signed in on xda but still i cudnt dind the download link. Please mail me on my address.

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