5 tips to improve your windows 10 Pc

0 Comments 02 October 2015

Ever since the launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system, the internet has seen endless streams of windows 10 tips and reviews. Customer response with regards to the product has been tremendous. The new OS has been built for speed and performance but there are a few simple tweaks that can make a significant alter your systems outlook

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Best Mobile Recharge Offers And Exclusive Discounts At GrabOn

0 Comments 27 September 2015

If you’re shopping online or at least want to recharge your mobile phone, we bet that finding the right deal that’s authenticate to use is quite difficult, ien’t it? Have you ever wondered how you could get the best value for your money when you shop online? Well, we are here to help you out. With ever growing demand seen in online shopping,

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portable car charger

The portable car charger for your phone at Gearbest

0 Comments 10 September 2015

Phone has become the most important part of our life. There is hardly anything that we can do without our smart phone. The various apps and the improved technology have made us the followers of technology. However, in such situations, nobody would love to run without battery in their phone. Well, the ‘Low Battery’ is one of the most

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Movavi Screen Capture

Recording HD Video with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review

0 Comments 08 September 2015

Capturing video from your screen can be tricky if you’ve never tried it in the past, and assuming you’re inexperienced you probably won’t know heads from tails as to where to begin if you wanted to record in High Definition (HD). By using the Movavi Screen Capture Studio however, you’ll find that the process isn’t really all that difficult.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Cloud Backup and Hosting

0 Comments 14 August 2015

The online or cloud backup is something through which you are able to back up all your data through a public network. This type of hosting is usually done via third party server. The charges apply and are taken from backup customers. Fee depends upon the bandwidth or capacity or sometimes the total number of users. There is a lot of other technology news that you can read.

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Mobikwik- The fastest recharge virtual shop

0 Comments 17 June 2015

Need to run to the closest market every time you need to get a mobile top up? Ever ran out of balance and had to borrow a friend’s phone for those urgent calls? Mobikwik understands your small day to day needs and brings to you solutions that are economical, convenient and fun. Mobikwik is the fastest recharge virtual shop which provides

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CouponBelanja Review: Shop Online For More Saving

0 Comments 13 June 2015

Online shopping has become so common around the globe and Malaysia is no way behind. People have started doing more shopping online as they get quality products and that too at the most affordable rate. You get to buy all things needed from top notch brands. Right from apparels to makeup products, kitchen appliances to tolls and other

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6 Important Features to Add to Every Mobile App

0 Comments 25 April 2015

Every mobile app has its own specific purpose and mission. Every app developer today knows that creating something unique and different is essential to help their app get noticed among the rest on the market, and though this is true, it is not always ideal to be completely different from the group.

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Why Does Technology Keep Shrinking?

0 Comments 15 April 2015

Go and delve into your garage, loft or draw-of-miscellany right now. What do you see? Well, what’s likely there before your eyes is a rather messy mass of once-cutting edge technology, gadgetry and hardware, all collecting dust after they were cast aside in favour of speedier, more stylish models. What you’ll likely notice is just how darn large everything is. Massive CRT PC monitors, two-inch-thick laptops and heavy, cumbrous phones, each and

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Tech Products

Used Tech Products Can Save You Tons Of Money — Especially On Computers

0 Comments 01 April 2015

Many people who can’t simply write off their tech purchases dread the time when they have to shell out the big bucks for a new laptop. But many of these folks simply don’t realize how economical, efficient, and safe it is to shop for gently used computers online. Heading to a popular online directory of used tech products will put you in touch with thousands of honest and fair-minded sellers who simply want to move an older, but no less powerful and

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