Download Android Transparent Analog Clock for your Mobile

Ounce718, senior xda member has coded an analog clock for android mobiles. The good thing of this app is that it’s a transparent clock.

The developer says that it is first ever clock of its kind.

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Android Transparent Analog Clock DeskClock

Install DeskClock apk Analog Transparent Clock – Steps

1. Your Android phone must be rooted. Search our website for rooting tutorials, as per your handset.

2. Install ‘Root Explorer’ on your smartphone, if you don’t have it installed.

3. Download the apk (link at bottom of this article). Comment here if you want it in the email from us.

4. Install the apk on your device.

5. Open ‘Root Explorer’.

6. Click on the System file by scrolling down.

7. Scroll to the App folder and click it.

8. Search for the DeskClock.apk file that is already on your device. After finding it, delete this file.

9. Come back on the Home Screen.

10. Now, search the DeskClock.apk that you downloaded in the Step3. If you have downloaded it directly on your mobile then probably it would be in the Downloads folder.

11. Press long on that file.

12. Select Move for moving it.

13. Open Root-Explorer.

14. Scroll downwards to the System file. Click on it.

15. Scroll again till you see there a folder by the name App.

16. Click on that folder.

17. Click ‘Move’ for moving the apk inside the folder App.

18. Press long on the apk and then select ‘Permissions’. If you see a pop-up as a warning box then click Ok. Select the Mount R/W tab, which will be found in the top-right hand side corner of your screen. The Mount R/W would then switch to Mount R/O tab.

19. Make sure that in Permissions, the user checkbox has Read & Write as checked. If you see the Execute as also checked, uncheck it.

20. The Others and Group check-boxes both have only Read as checked. Any other box should not be checked.

21. Reboot the device.

The developer has tested it on myTouch 4G. And as per him, it will work only on the Cm7 and Aosp Roms.

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