Facebook shuts its Facebook Lite

After staying with around 7 months with lite, Facebook has shut down its lite site.

Facebook Lite was aimed to be for users having slow and poor internet connection. The company blocked the javascripts and css that took much loading time. Also, various other client side and server side codes that took much time in loading were blocked by the company in this light-weight version, so that the overall website can load fastly and the users who are having the slow internet connectivity can also open this page on their computers and can surf it easily.

The slimmer and streamed down version of Facebook was loved by many users, but many were also unhappy with the same. Some were facing the issues to switch back to normal Facebook, though Facebook provided the functionality to switch between the 2 versions.

According to official Facebook community,

Thanks to everyone who tried out our Facebook Lite. We are now not supporting it, but learned a lot from the test of a slimmed-down site. If you used Lite, you will now be taken to the main Facebook.com home webpage.

As per Ray Valdes of Gartner Research – “I think a lot of the Facebook experience was left out of Lite, especially the monetisable parts”.

Lite site was offering fewer features as compared to the main Facebook site. The social networking company said that it want to offer their full features to all its users. It wants to add some more functionality also and so want that all users should be able to see them. Whatever may be, Facebook lite was good for slow-speed internet connections.


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