Alexa Rank or Google Page Rank

Which one is most important for any website or blog- Google Page Rank or Alexa Ranking?

Infact, both keep their importance at its own place. While Alexa Rank aims to overall rank of any site in whole web, Google Page Rank on the other hand, determines the importance of any site in the web.

Alexa Rank
With Alexa Rank, you can measure the traffic stats, global reach, search percentage, pageviews etc. of any site. But I would rather say, Alexa Ranking is not accurate. I have seen many sites with traffic of 3-4 k visitors daily and having alexa ranking around 2-3 lakhs.But also I have seen some sites with even 500 visitors daily and keeping their alexa rank under 1 lakh. But then also a good Alexa Rank can show your sites good impression in front of others. There are many ways to increase Alexa Ranking. Keep visiting here; I’ll be soon posting them.

Google Page Rank
Google’s PR states the overall popularity of your site over the internet. It mainly depends on backlinking i.e. how many other websites are linking you. Still there are ways of How To Increase Google Page Rank. You should also check How To Increase Backlinks for a Blog. If your PR is good, you can get some traffic-love from Google as Google trusts your blog to that level.

But, I’ll say none Alexa Rank or Google Page Rank helps in determining the traffic of any website. Some sites with PR as 0 gets around 1000 visitors as on daily average from google while some with PR2 even still counts less than 100 visitors/day.

Again, high PR can prove your dominancy over internet.

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