Android Golf Apps

Golfers get better using Android Phone Apps

Golf game seems to be the toughest game among all the categories. Golf players need special skills and tactics to play this game. Along with the strength this game also needs mental string health to think about the techniques that how to shot the ball according to the distance etc. Now android has developed apps for golf players. Some apps help them to keep track of their playing records and some apps help them in learning the techniques to play the golf with good skills. These apps have been rated as high quality apps in android market and have gained much popularity among golf players.

Android Golf Apps
Android Golf Apps

FreeCadie Golf GPS:

This is a GPS based app with the help of which golfers can get the distance from the front, back and center of green areas. This app is supported with more than 19,000 mapped courses and it is supported with the feature that you can also add the course of your choice if not available in the app database. There is an upgraded app available with the name of FreeCadie Pro which also tells the distance to bunkers, water hazards etc along with the distance measurement.

Easy Scorecard:

The basic purpose to develop this app was to record your scores and your fellow golfers. This app has the feature of 9/18/27 hole scoring and it can easily support and handle the records of 4 players. This app is available at free of cost.


This is also the range finder app based on GPS. This app is also used to map distances to any point on the map available on your android phone. This app is supported with the satellite view for every course map and is also supported with feature that you can add any course map online if course is not available.  This app is available at a minimum cost of $1.99 in android market.

The Rules of Golf:

This app contains the golf rule book and can be used as a proof if the opposing parties in the games are doing fouls with you while playing. This app contains all sets of rules and regulations which are implementable for the playing of golf.

Droid Mini Golf-Pro:

If you have not played the golf due to some reason or have not reached the course but u want to play because you are feeling appetite of golf then you can fulfill your desires of playing golf with the help of this app. This app works as a mini golf for your android smart phone.

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