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Hi everyone to all readers of techofweb.com. Here’s a good news for everyone that from now onwards, I be regularly updating this blog. I am so sorry to everyone that I was not able to update this blog for the last 2-3 months. But from now onwards, I would be a regular blogger. The reason is that I was not getting time and was very busy in my job due to very much work pressure. Also, my Internet Connection did not work properly. I was left with nothing. So, I was forced to not write any article on my blog. The force was from my Time Constraints 🙂

But now I have a new Laptop especially for techofweb.com 🙂 . I recently bought new laptop Lenovo G450-2949-9JQ. It cost to me around something 31k INR. The configuration is 2GB DDR3 RAM, 320 GB Hard-Disk, T6600 2.2 C2D Processor. If any other info you need about mine laptop, you can contact me 🙂  .

Oh I forgot to tell you about OS I am using.I am having Windows7 on mine lappy. That’s good 🙂 Isn’t it??

So, not taking your much time, just finishing this post and you all please be ready to further explore techofweb.com


Update on June 10, 2011 : I am regularly updating my blog as per my promise and my blog has turned more of an Android – iPhone Tutorials. I do write on the tips and tricks on Apple iOS and Google Android. Also, sometimes, I share the important news updates.

I am letting you know the reason for updating this article is that it was very short and I want to increase the word-count so as it may not look as shorter one to Google’s recent Panda update..

Ok good night as of now..as I want to update the other posts as well 🙂



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