Google Videos Apk for Android with Root Check Disabled

Google     29 August 2011     1 Comment

If you have installed the Google Videos app on your Android smartphone then you know that it bypasses the tamper and root checks. Ften from sdx has taken the credits of modifying this apk so that it can correct this flaw. He has changed the code and compiled to make it fix the Google Videos version of Android Market and also the Stand-alone version.

The bypass does not affect the DRM licensing. You will get the proper license code and you will have restrict access to the number of views. For renting movies, you would still be charged. So, you might be thinking what this modification does? It bypasses and disables root check. That’s it.

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You can install the apk file on any Android 2.2 and higher phone and with any theme 2.2 or higher. The changes done by the developer does not affect any system folder etc. The apk works with un-rooted mobiles.

The developer has tested his changes on LG Optimus, HTC Thunderbolt, Droid, Motorola Xoom, Nook CM7, Transform and G1 CM7 on both Android 2.2 and 2.3, using some Indian movies which were provided by Tactonrae.
Android Google Videos Apk

Some users owning Samsung Moment are facing issues of app hanging. So, try restarting the app in order to solve this. It can be that you may need to restart application 3-4 times in order to make Google Videos to work.

Please note that some of the users who have installed this app and marked the videos as ‘Make available Offline’ are facing some problems of loading to different devices. So, we advice to not do this till the issue is being fixed.

Also, if bychance you see that it is not working on your rooted mobile then you should consider unrooting your device.

Download Google Videos with Root Check Disabled Video

Download Download Google Videos with Root Check Bypass

You can download at sdx



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  1. Ata says:

    Hi i jus installed that video app but unfortunately other info was come on like, not available in your country. Before i have only problem with root check but now is different how to avoid this couse i pau for move and i can’t download 🙁 please help big thanks.

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