A major flaw in Google Adwords

Do you use Google Adwords for the promotion of your blog or website? If yes, then you must be knowing that Google Adwords can give a good number of visitors to your website.

But the problem is that it doesn’t come as free. You have to pay for some money to Google for showing your blogs ads on Adwords. But then also you will feel satisfied because no doubt you are paying something but you are also getting the visitors and you can earn through your visitors.

But obviously you don’t want to see your ads on your blog itself. If any visitor clicks on the ad of your blog through your blog itself then even if the money deducted is 1 cent but that is simply wastage. That 1 cent will just go in garbage and you will get no benefit from it.

Today, I just discovered a Google Adwords drawback. I saw a website http://oceanofweb.com displaying its ad through its Adsense 🙂 The site uses Google Adwords for promoting itself and that Google Adwords campaign was displaying in its own Adsense Program. I have a question here. On any click, where the revenue will go and from where 🙂 Is Google Adwords Database falling short of publishers 🙂 On the other side, Google should take it seriously. This shouldn’t happen even for any starting adwords company. I can’t predict why with Google?

And do you know, this is screenshot of mine site :'( :'( :'( It happened with me. Google please don’t misuse my money 🙂

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