Google Webmaster Tools infected with Virus

Yesterday, when I tried to open Google Webmaster tools, mine browser showed me it as infected with virus.

I saw that the browser is showing me as the Big G’s Webmaster Tools infected and it is giving me a warning to not open it. The browser that I was using was Google’s Chrome itself. So, the big Internet Giant cannot say that there can be some problem in the browser. 

The error warned me and made me to not trust any of the website, may it be of any big brand. Since, the error that I saw was not from any yesterday’s launch site but it was from biggest Web Search Internet company, it lost my faith in web.

The moment I saw this, I took a screenshot of the page so that I can warn mine blog’s readers and then I closed the browser tab.

I analyzed the exception and digged further into it. I came to know that it was a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) error. I was opening Google India ( webmaster tools but the server was of And so, the browser was assuming it as Invalid Redirect.

But whatever the case may be, for a viewer it was looking as a website that is been attacked by a virus. Such screens lower the confidence of users in the websites’ that they are watching.

So, the big G should take steps to not repeat such mistakes in near future.

See the screenshot.

Google Webmaster Tools

I recently also wrote A major flaw in Google Adwords. Google should stop doing these mistakes and should take such things as very serious.

Update on June 7, 2011: The exception is been tracked by Google’s servers and it is been rectified.


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