Android Vacations Apps

Android Apps for Vacations

Vacation is the time during which every person wants to enjoy his/her life by keeping behind the busy routines during offices, schools, colleges and universities. Every person wants to make their long vacations or weekends memorable by arranging picnics with friends, meeting some old friends, get together etc. Some people just want to stay at their homes just take rest and want to enjoy with their families. So here are some android apps which have been developed for vacations point of view by keeping in mind all the factors related to enjoy purposes. Whether users are on picnic, they are at homes or any where they will enjoy these apps.

Android Vacations Apps
Android Vacations Apps


Dropbox is a very beautiful app which has eliminated the need to send the documents by email. Everything which you want to share just upload it on this dropbox app and share with persons to whom you want to share with full privacy. This app will greatly help users during their vacations like if their boss asks them to send some important mail just you can put on this dropbox and can easily share with them no matter where you are. All these things you can do through your android phone.


This android app is very much beneficial for users who want to keep themselves up to date through latest news. With this app they will be able to have all their news sources on their android phone.


This is the best email app which doesn’t need any introductions and has gained much popularity due to its best and efficient working. Now the android users are having this app on their smart phones and can send email efficiently through their smart phones instead of their computers or laptops. This app is not efficient only for mailing purposes yet it is also famous for its chatting features. This is a very good source to connect with all your email contacts.


This app allows users to keep in touch with their friends and family members through twitter which is one of the best social networking sites. Now you don’t need laptop to use social networking sites like facebook, twitter, orkut etc just you need is this app in your android phone.


This is basically an instant messenger app which allows you to chat with all your friend and family members with your iPhone, black berry, android phone, iPad etc. This app supports Google Talk, Facebook chat, Yahoo etc.

Ping Chat

This is an amazing messaging app with the help of which you can’t only send your messages but can also share pictures, videos etc and in this way it would be easy for you to stay in touch with all your friends and family members through your smart phone.

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